Using Money and Paying your Bill at Joe's Oyster Bar |  - Everything about Joe's Oyster Bar in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico!

Using Money and Paying Your Bill at Joe's Oyster Bar in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Cashier booth at Joe's Oyster Bar

How do you pay your bill at Joe's Oyster Bar?

Well, all prices are in Mexican pesos, but you can also pay with US dollars or by credit card.  Joe's Oyster Bar gives a reasonable exchange rate for those who wish to pay in US dollars.  However, the exchange rate will be less than you can get at a bank.  So, we HIGHLY recommend that you pay with pesos!  You can also exchange US$ for pesos at the cashier's window.

Can I run a tab at Joe's Oyster Bar?

If it is not busy, you can usually run a tab with your waiter.  When it is super busy, you need to pay when you get each round of drinks!  We highly recommend that you do NOT run a tab!  We have seen so many people run a tab and forget how many drinks they had.  Then, when they go to pay, they get in an argument with the waiter over how much they actually drank!

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